Pan Roast Chicken

Preparation Time - 20 minutes 

Cooking Time - 15 minutes


1. Ginger-Garlic-Green Chilli Paste - 2 tbsp 

2. Turmeric Powder - ½ a tsp 

3. Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder - 2 tsp 

4. Sichuan Sauce - 3 tbsp 

5. Salt to taste 

6. Thick Yogurt - 1 cup 

7. Olive Oil - 4 tbsp 

8. Chicken Pieces - 750 grams (with bone) 

9. Lemon Wedges and Onion Rings for Garnishing 


1. Take a big bowl and prepare the marination. You need to add ginger-garlic and chilli paste, turmeric, Kashmiri red chilli powder, Sichuan sauce, salt and yogurt into the bowl.

2. Mix everything well and your marination is ready. Put the chicken pieces into it and mix again well. Keep it aside for 10 minutes

3. Now, turn on your gas oven and put a non-stick tawa or pan on it. Add olive oil and slowly add the chicken pieces into it.

4. Initially, cook chicken on full flame, at least for 4-5 minutes. Turn every piece when it gets the golden brown colour on one side.

5. Now, cover the pan and let the chicken be cooked for 10-12 minutes.

6. Your pan roast chicken is ready to serve. Make a beautiful platter with chicken pieces and decorate it with onion rings and lemon wedges. You can even add yogurt and coriander chutney as a dip with the delicious chicken recipe.