5 Ways To Know If Your Lover Is Selfish

People who are self centred cannot think about anybody but themselves. Thus, being selfish in love is a serious discredit. Most relationship problems occur if you do not know your partner. So, look for these signs of selfishness in your partner before you take the final plunge. It might save you from living with a selfish giant for the rest of your life.

5 Signs To Show That Your Partner Is Selfish:

1. He or she never shares food with you. Suppose you go to a restaurant for dinner and you both order the dishes of your own choice. Most couples give each other a bite so that each may taste the dish. But, if you are in love with is a selfish person, he or she will not offer you the dish.

2. He or she does not wait to have dinner with you. It is one of the most romantic things to eat together. But, a selfish partner will be snoozing by the time you get home after a hard days work.Happy eating alone!

3. He or she does not change their plan for your convenience. Most of us adapt and customise our plans keeping our special someone in mind. But a self centred person would never make any changes to his or her plans. Your partner will insist on eating out even if you have food poisoning!

4. The best time to know your partner is when you are sick. A selfish partner will not hesitate to leave you alone when you are sick. Do not expect him or her to skip work or even a casual dinner party to take care of you when you are under the weather.

5. If you are in love with a selfish person, he or she will not go that extra mile to help; we mean that literally. Do not expect him to pick you up from office if it is out of the way for him. It does not matter if you are stranded all night, he is not going to take a detour to pick you up.