Amazing Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

Botanically, mangosteen is known as Garcinia mangostana. The interior of the fruit contains 4-10 snow-white, fleshy, and soft pulp which are arranged in triangular segments like oranges and melts like ice-cream as soon as we keep it in the mouth.

Mangosteen is known for tonnes of health benefits. It has anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, astringent, and antibacterial properties and is also loaded with numerous minerals and vitamins required by our body

Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

1. Minimizes oxidative stress: 

Mangosteen is a powerhouse of antioxidants as it contains essential antioxidant nutrients like folate and vitamin C. The fruit also contains xanthones, a unique plant compound with a strong antioxidant property which helps in minimizing the oxidative stress in the body 

2. Boosts immunity: 

The antioxidant xanthones and vitamin C found in mangosteen help enhance the immune system. Xanthones fights against the free radicals while vitamin C promotes the production of white blood cells in the body.

3. Promotes heart health: 

Mangosteen is abundant in minerals like copper, magnesium, potassium, and manganese which help in regulating the blood pressure to promote a healthy heart.

4. Prevents the risk of inflammatory diseases: 

Xanthones and the high fibre content in mangosteen prevent the risk of several disorders caused due to inflammation like asthma, hepatitis, allergy, injury, cold, and oth

5. Maintains healthy skin: 

The antioxidant property of the fruit prevents the skin from ultraviolet radiation damage. Also, vitamin C and anti-microbial property of mangosteen help treat acne, giving a natural shine to the skin

6. Treats digestive problems: 

The high dietary fibre content in this purplish fruit helps to ease constipation. Also, the peel of the fruit is effective in treating diarrhoea and dysentery problems by increasing the prebiotic intake

7. Helps in weight management: 

This juicy fruit is high fibre, low calorie, zero saturated fat, and zero cholesterol. All these properties make mangosteen a healthy dietary fibre rich food that can help in weight management

8. Manages diabetes: 

Daily intake of mangosteen is efficient in reducing the insulin resistance in the body due to the presence of xanthones in the fruit. Also, the fibre content helps in stabilizing blood sugar and managing diabetes

9. May prevent cancer: 

It is asserted that, the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen help to fight the cancerous cells and inhibit their growth especially in stomach, breast and lung tissues. However, there's no sufficient evidence

10. Speeds up wound healing: 

The high amount of essential vitamins and minerals in mangosteen helps to speed up healing of wounds.