Avoid These Foods At Night

The most common stomach problems that you suffer from in the morning are, bloating, constipation, gas, indigestion, acid reflux, loose motion and vomiting to name a few. Sometimes these foods can harm the stomach to such an extent that you might get up late in the night due to the discomfort. Moreover, there are some foods that can disrupt your sleep so, it is very important to notice what you are binging on at night.Here are some foods to avoid at night.

Foods to avoid at night are:

1.Fried Food: Fried foods are not only fattening, but also hard to digest. They might feel you feel pukish. Moreover, if you have fried food before going to bed, they can be really hard to digest.

2.Pasta: They are rich in carbs and fatty too. People who suffer from acid reflux must avoid eating this food at night.

3.Soda: Drinking soda in the night will lead to stomach problems. Soda should be avoided by people who suffer from constipation and acid reflux.

4.Caffeine: Caffeine can lead to sleeplessness as the strong caffeine can take away your sleep for 7-8 hours.

5.Ice Cream: You must avoid eating ice cream before bed. The artificial sweeteners in ice cream raises your blood sugar levels and then rapidly drops. Moreover, if you select chocolate or coffee flavour, then the caffeine content would be higher.

6.Chocolates: You must avoid chocolates at night as they are rich in caffeine which can hamper your sleep routine.

7.Bread: Bread is very rich in carbs. Therefore it is very hard to digest. Moreover, for some people bread can also  lead to indigestion or constipation.

8.Spicy Food: Spicy foods contain compounds that causes heart burn and acid reflux. Moreover, too much spicy food can also lead to indigestion or loose motion.

9.Tomato Sauce: Tomato sauce can lead to acid reflux and also slower the digestion. Pizzas are filled with cheese and tomato sauce so avoid this food at night.

10.Garlic: When you are sleeping with a partner, you would avoid garlic for its smell. But when mixed with spicy food, it can cause heart burn at night.

11.Red Meat: This is another food that you must avoid at night. Red meat is loaded with proteins and fats which will make the digestive system work hard for a long time. To have a deep and peaceful sleep, avoid red meat at night.

12.Fruit Salad: Fruits are rich in water which makes them diuretic. This will make you pee all the night. So, avoid having fruits or fruit salad at night. Moreover, for some people, fruits can also lead to acid reflux and acidity.

13.Milk: Milk is a liquid which if consumed at night can make you pee a lot. Prefer having milk for breakfast or in the evening.

14.Alcohol: Many people drink alcohol at night to have a peaceful sleep. However, alcohol dehydrates the body, is hard to flush out from the system and can also lead to acid reflux.

15.Steak: Apart from being high in cholesterol and fatty in nature, the juicy steaks can also lead to acidity and digest slowly. So, you won’t just increase risks of weight gain, but also become prone to early morning stomach problems.

16.Broccoli: The green vegetable is considered as a superfood. However you should not have this food at night. Having broccoli before bed can be hard for the digestive system because broccoli has lots of slow to digest fibers.

17.Decaf Coffee: Caffeine can harm the sleep routine and can make you stay awake for a long time. It is more commonly observed among caffeine sensitive people.

18.Noodles: Noodles are rich in carbs and fats, apart from increasing weight, it can also be hard to digest. So avoid noodles at night. Also avoid spicy gravy manchurians as they can lead to heart burn.

19.Celery: It might be surprising to know but celery is a natural diuretic which will increase the toilet visits at night.

20.Chips: Most of the people have the habit of midnight snacking. Having chips is not the right and healthy choice as it is fattening and hard to digest too.

These are the foods to avoid at night.