Awesome Health Facts You Must Know

Well, even when it comes to health, we find a number of facts and myths that we can read about, however, not all of them may be true, so it is important to get health facts from reliable sources. When we follow health facts which are not correct, we could be putting our health at serious risk.Health is synonymous to well-being when it comes to any living beings.Without good health, we will not be able to enjoy the other good things in life. For instance, if you are suffering from any form of a disease, even if you take a trip to your favorite place, you may not feel content.Here are some awesome health facts you must know.

Awesome health facts you must know are:

1.According to the most recent research study on stress, stress is the root cause of about 90% of all the disease, both physical and mental.

2.Ginger, when ingested in any form can help relieve pain up to 25%, very quickly, as it contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

3.Each day, our heart produced energy while pumping and this energy is enough to drive a truck for 32 km.

4.The digestive acids produced in our stomachs are strong enough to dissolve razor blades.

5.The human mouth is known to distinguish over one billion different flavours.

6.By the time they turn 60, majority of the people will lose half their taste buds.

7.The human finger nails grow about four times faster than the toenails.

These are the awesome facts about health to know.