Ayurvedic Remedies For Malaria


Malaria is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. It is an infectious disease caused by a group of single-celled microorganisms called parasitic protozoans belonging to the Plasmodium type 

Symptoms Of Malaria

Some of the common signs and symptoms of Malaria include the following:

High fever with chills


Anaemia (caused due to the destruction of cells)




Blood in stools

Abdominal pain

Muscle pain

Clinical jaundice

Respiratory distress

Convulsions in serious cases

Enlargement of the spleen

Ayurvedic Remedies For Malaria

Ayurvedic experts suggest natural remedies that can help in dealing with the symptoms of malaria. These remedies also help the patients to recover from extreme weakness. The following are some of the herbs that are widely used to treat malaria in an Ayurvedic manner.

Saptparna ki chhaal (bark)

Saptparna is a tropical tree used widely for the treatment of various illnesses. It has found various uses in Ayurveda. It is used extensively for treating malaria, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia. The alkaloids present in its bark and leaves are known to possess the power of curing these ailments.

Hartaki (Hed)

This Ayurvedic herb is grown in the Himalayas. This possesses therapeutic properties that are capable of inhibiting parasite growth.

Dhaniya paani

The major symptom of malaria is high fever and Dhaniya paani can be really beneficial to cure this. The anti-inflammatory properties of Dhaniya are known to reduce the heat inside the body. It can quickly bring down the temperature.


This is an Ayurvedic herb that is packed with antioxidants. It is also known for its antipyretic and immune-modulator actions. This helps the body fight disease-causing free radicals.

Sonth (ginger powder)

Dry ginger powder is believed to be extremely powerful in treating malaria. This is due to the presence of active ingredients like unique hydrocarbons and gingerol.

Tulsi (holy basil) 

To cure malaria, an infusion of a few Tulsi leaves can be used on a daily basis. Juice extracted from about 11 grams of Tulsi leaves when mixed with three grams of black pepper powder works perfectly to cure a cold due to malaria

Ayurvedic Management Of Malaria 

Eat foods that are light and easily digestible such as khichdi, soups, softly cooked rice, etc. 

Intake of Guduchi, Sudarshan churna, Amrutarista, Shadangadi churna and Tribhuvana keeri rasa are said to be beneficial. 

Avoid pickles, spicy food, coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, alcohol. 

Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lukewarm water. 

A warm-water enema can be administered to cleanse the bowels

A cold pack can be used to reduce fever naturally. 

Hot-water bottles can be kept on the feet and against the sides of the body. 

Tips To Prevent Malaria 

At least once a day, drink fresh Tulsi juice with honey. 

Fumigate your home with Neem, turmeric root and Guggulu

Avoid moving out in the dark. 

Grow Tulsi plants in your home's vicinity - this would help in keeping mosquitoes away.

Keep yourself well-covered (wear full-length dresses) when going out after sunset. 

Clear mosquito breeding places such as garbage, stagnant water, etc.