Benefits Of Applying And Massaging Essential Oils On Your Sole

We all know that essential oils have lots of health benefits. They are mainly known for their relaxing abilities but they can do a lot more than that. The best way to use them is applying them to the soles of your feet. Many people prefer applying them to the soles of the feet before going to bed.

Benefits of applying and massaging essential oils on your sole are:

1.Massaging your sole with lavender oil can promote relaxation and cure insomnia. When you massage the place with clove oil or pepper mint oil, your digestion gets enhanced. Massaging the area with eucalyptus oil can cure breathing issues and allergies. It also cleanses your lungs.

2.Applying essential oils on the soles can improve immunity, reduce pain, enhance skin quality, improve digestion, reduce chest congestion, slow down ageing, lower inflammation, soothe muscles and prevent infections.

3.There are 5 layers of skin in the area of your soles. And these layers do not have any hair follicles. This makes the skin in that area absorb any essential oil applied there.

4.The absorbed oil gets into the blood stream quite fast when it is applied on the sole. Studies reveal that it just takes 20 minutes for the oil to be absorbed and circulated throughout the body.

5.There are no sebaceous glands in the palms and soles. Generally, sebum produced by sebaceous glands acts like a barrier and reduces the absorption rate of the skin. That is why the skin in your soles can absorb oil faster.

6.There are more than 70,000 nerve-endings in each foot. That is why some healing methods are based on stimulating various points on the foot. Reflexology is based on dealing with the meridians of energy.

7.When any healing essential oil is applied on the feet, its medicinal properties reach several areas of the body faster. This will speed up recovery.

8.Any essential oil needs to be diluted first with some other oil like coconut oil. Without dilution, essential oils may cause irritation and several other side effects on the skin. But the skin on your soles is not hyper sensitive. So, it will be able to take the oil without getting irritated.

9.The main benefit of applying essential oil to the sole is that the medicinal compounds in it reach the blood stream without troubling your liver and digestive system.

These are the benefits of applying and massaging essential oils on your sole.