Benefits Of Having Omelette As Breakfast

There are so many breakfast options from idli to oatmeal. Though they are all good, omlette can surely beat those options due to certain benefits it can offer.If you are a vegetarian and don't wish to eat omlette then you can prefer idli sambar but otherwise, knowing about the benefits of omelette would surely help. Many health experts have already stated that reducing the consumption of grains can surely be healthy in the long run. Starch and carbs spike your insulin levels and gradually they may affect your health in many ways.Therefore, choosing a protein-rich breakfast may surely help in reducing your carb intake a bit.Here are some benefits of having omelette as breakfast.

Benefits of having omelette as breakfast are:

1.Good Source Of Protein: This is the first health benefit. Most of us seldom get enough protein when we eat a carbohydrate-rich grain based meal. Therefore, it helps if you eat an egg based breakfast.

2.Keeps You Full: Carb-rich foods may fill you for one hour and may make you feel hungry soon. That might make you eat even more in your next meal. But when you eat a protein-rich meal, you tend to feel full for longer.

3.Other Nutrients: Many vegetables can be added to the omelet as fillings. This way, you can derive more nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

4.Weight Loss: Those who are interested in losing weight can also choose omelet as a breakfast option as it is a protein food that controls cravings and prevents you from overeating.

5.Good For Brain Health: A compound called choline which is present in eggs is good for your nerves and brain health. So, eating an omelet benefits you.

6.Vitamins: Eggs are a great source for vitamin A. Eggs also contain vitamin B, C, D, E, K.

7.Selenium: Eggs contain selenium which prevents certain types of cancer. This is one of the benefits of eating an omelet as breakfast.

These are the benefits of having omelette as breakfast.