Best Ways To Eat Eggs

The best breakfast option for almost any age group is an egg and a slice of bread. Eggs are good source of protein and therefore they can't be ignored.But if you feel that it is boring to eat eggs every day, then you can always find interesting ways to make your eggs tasty to your tongue.Here are some best ways to eat eggs.

Best ways to eat eggs are:

1.Scrambled Eggs: Crack a couple of eggs in a glass, mix some salt and chilli powder, mix some milk, stir it well and pour it on a hot saucepan. You can add tomato pieces and chilli pieces on the frying egg and stir it. This is one healthy way to consume eggs.

2.With Sandwich: Eating eggs with bread will provide both protein and carbs in your morning meal. Scramble 2 eggs and eat it along with two slices of whole grain bread.

3.Poached On A Salad: Crack two eggs directly on a hot saucepan without stirring it. Once it is fried adequately, remove the poach and lay it on your salad. This method will give you the salad's nutrients along with the egg's protein.

4.French Toast: Add 2 raw eggs to a glass of milk and stir it well. Dip two slices of whole grain bread and fry them on a pan. Your French toast is ready. It provides protein, carbs and also the Calcium from milk.

5.With Soup: When your soup comes to boil, add a raw egg to it and sir the hot fluid well. This mixture gives you the nutrients of soup along with protein.

6.Omelets: Add all your favourite veggies like onion, chilli and tomato to eggs and fry your omelet.

7.Egg Burji: This is consumed along with rice or roti. It is nothing but fried raw-eggs along with vegetables like onion, tomato and chilli.

8.Boiled Egg: This is the simplest and the best way to consume eggs if you are wary of calories.

9.With Oatmeal: If you love the health benefits of oatmeal and can't live without it, simply place the oatmeal on sliced boiled eggs and consume it.

These are the best ways to eat eggs.