Facts to Know About Touch Therapy

Touch therapy complements modern medication and use of drugs to cure physical and mental illnesses. Despite the fact that it is considered to be an alternative approach to treatment of health ailments, it finds its roots in the ancient belief of healing through touch and has proven to show positive results.

1. It is believed that everyone has a field of energy around them, this is also referred to as the aura. The therapist focuses on these energy fields to channel positive energy to alter the course of the negative or obstructed energies that emit through these fields.

2. Most patients respond to this treatment in addition to the existing allopathic and homeopathic treatments. Touch therapy may not cure but help provide relief from the condition and help the patient benefit from other treatments.

3. In conjunction to tradition medication, touch therapy is administered in hospitals to help accelerate the healing process. There are different kinds of touch therapies. Healing touch refers to the therapist using his/her hands to affect the body’s energy fields. Massage therapy focuses on body’s tense muscles and tissues to provide relief whereas Reiki, an ancient treatment, is a sequential and coherent light touch treatment.

4. In most places, diagnosis precedes treatment. Once the problem has been diagnosed, the touch treatment begins focusing on the problem areas. The residual problems are dealt with a series of exercises prescribed to the patient.

5. Touch therapy helps the patient cope with pain. It helps them relax and alleviate tension, anxiety and depression which are invariably the by-products of mental or physical ailments. This also helps the patient recover sooner and respond positively to traditional medication.

6. Whether you believe in the spiritual powers of this treatment or not is insignificant in the healing process. Skepticism does not prevent the efficacy of this treatment.