Foods That Increase Male Fertility

Have you tried to conceive several times and failed? It is a fact that getting pregnant is not completely in the hands of a woman. The man shares equal responsibility and this is why men should be careful about their fertility. It is difficult for an unhealthy woman to get pregnant and in the same way, it is also difficult for an unhealthy man (who is not fertile) to make a woman pregnant.Good diet is very important to stay healthy- both mentally and physically. But, did you know that an unhealthy lifestyle and diet can make your sperm count low? Yes, researchers say that infertility in men can be overcome if they follow a healthy diet.

There are some foods that increase male fertility. But, along with healthy diet, you need to avoid certain habits and foods. It is not difficult to come up with the top ten foods that increase male fertility, but, it is definitely hard to make men understand how smoking and drinking habits are making them weak.Do you know that if your fertile system is strong enough, your wife can have lesser chances of miscarriage? Therefore, it is time to know about the best foods to increase male fertility. For example, if you eat vegetables that are rich in vitamin C and magnesium, your testosterone levels get a boost.Here are some foods that increase male fertility.

1.Oysters: Oysters are rich in zinc. Yes, zinc is a good source to boost up testosterone levels in men and produce sperm. So, if you want to increase your fertility levels, add this seafood to your diet.

2.Tomatoes: Researchers suggest that tomatoes are a rich source of improving male fertility as they contain an antioxidant, called lycopene. Lycopene helps in structuring sperm and improves the motility and activity. Cooked or processed tomatoes consist higher levels of lycopene. So, use them in curry or make soup.

3.Garlic: What are the best foods to increase male fertility? Garlic is an easy answer. It is proved that garlic contains aphrodisiac properties which improve men's sexual health. So, include two cloves garlic to your diet.

4.Dark Chocolates: Basically, you don't need reasons to have chocolate. It has been clinically proved that there is potent amino acid, L-Arginine HCL, which are responsible to double up your sperm count and semen volume.

5.Fish: Why is fish regarded as one of the top ten foods that increase male fertility? Several studies have proved that sperm count in men who consume fish is better than those who don't. It is because of essential fatty acids in fish which improve circulation in the reproductive system and sperm quality.

6.Walnuts: Expert researchers have suggested that a handful of walnuts in your regular diet can increase the vitality of sperm along with the morphology and motility. It happens due to the presence of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in walnuts.

7.Bananas: If you want to know about the top ten foods that increase male fertility and libido, bananas can be your perfect choice. The enzyme, Bromelain, is responsible for this. A banana can keep your stamina intact as it is a rich source of vitamin B.

8.Pumpkin Seeds: If you're not fond of the slimy oysters, you should have certain foods that have zinc content in those. Nothing is better than pumpkin seeds in this matter. For sperm production and testosterone development, pumpkin seeds are proved as good.

9.Asparagus: By providing enough vitamin C to your body, this green vegetable protects oxidative damage and increases sperm quantity and motility. As asparagus decreases the level of free radicals in your body, doctors suggest keeping it in your regular diet.

10.Lentils: To end the list of top ten foods that increase male fertility, this is the best option. The folate in lentils is good for both male fertility as well as female fertility. It is proved that men, who consume fewer lentils suffer from chromosomal abnormalities in sperm.

These are the foods that increase male fertility.