Foods That You Must Avoid Eating In The Morning

You can start your day with a healthy food. That will energise your entire day. But there are also some foods not to eat in the morning.The first meal of the day should be able to fuel you and keep you active to take on the rest of the day. If it makes you feel drowsy and lazy, that too, in the morning itself your day lacks the power.Also, your breakfast should satisfy your hunger and keep you full until you eat your lunch. Your breakfast should be able to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Some foods just spike those levels and then again make you feel dull later.And then if you have weight loss goals too, then you should be more careful with your breakfast choices.Here are some foods that you must avoid eating in the morning.

Foods that you must avoid eating in the morning are:

1.Bread+Jam: Though you ate bread and jam during your childhood, the jam isn't really healthy in the morning. Eat the bread with an egg instead of jam. Or else, eat only the egg for the breakfast.

2.Processed Meat: Eating processed meat anytime during the day is unhealthy. The same applies to eating it in the morning. They contain nitrates which are said to cause certain types of cancers.

3.Donuts: Donuts, pastries or anything made of refined flour and sugar is very bad options in the morning. Choose a healthy option.

4.Burger: Even a burger in the morning is a bad idea. Most of us rush to work and pick a burger on the way. The preservatives, sauces and the additives in a burger are all bad for your health.

5.Sugary Juices: Though fruit juices are healthy, the sugar content in them make them bad choices for breakfast. Try a vegetable juice. You need energy and nutrients in the morning but not a sugar spike and crash.

6.Grainy Products: Most of the cereals are products of grain. Some of them do contain gluten and some of them contain sugar. So, cereals may not be a great option at least in the morning.

7.Sweets / Desserts: Even if you are a sugar addict, never eat sweets or desserts in the morning. Most of them are very high in sugar, carbs and are made of white flour. They hamper your blood sugar levels.

These are the foods that you should avoid eating in the morning.