Foods That You Should Stop Eating To Stay Healthy

We often hear people talk about healthy food. Eating bad foods will make you feel like crap and make you unhealthy. It will bring your energy down and make you feel lethargic. Did you know that certain foods can affect your brain functioning? Well, yes they can. For the brain to funtion well, it is ideal to choose brain-friendly foods and avoid unhealthy foods.Dieting and exercising do not only make you fit, but they also improve your overall health. So, choosing the right food is also equally important too. The list of foods mentioned in this article are assumed to be nutritious and healthy. But, they are not actually.One needs to know about these foods, as this will indeed help you to sort out your thoughts, when it comes to choosing the right kind of foods.

Foods that you should stop eating to stay healthy are:

1.Raw Sprouts: This is actually considered good to be had as a healthy salad. But, that is not the case, as it contains a lot of bacteria. If you want to eat sprouts, make sure you wash them well and cook them well before consuming them.

2.Leftover Soups: When soups and porridges are left for more than an hour, then there are chances that toxin-producing spores are formed. This can make you ill instantly. So, make sure you do not store soups for other times.

3.Rice: If the cooked rice has been saved for more than 15 hours, then it can be very harmful. A toxin-producing Bacillus cereus strain can be found in cooked rice and can lead to various ailments like diarrhoea and vomitting.

4.Egg Salads: A bacteria known as Staphylococcus loves to grow on the moist hand-made dishes. If not consumed within an hour or so, the bacteria tends to multiply. So, watch out and stay away from left-over egg salads.

5.Fruit Salad: Eating a full fruit will be nutritious and healthy when compared to making a fruit salad. The fruits tend to get more exposed to pathogens and the spread of bacteria too increases manifold. If you still prefer eating fruit salad, then make sure you consume it within an hour to avoid spreading of the bacteria.

6.Unpasteurised Dairy Products: There is a lot of bacteria that is got from the animal's guts. This further leads to spreading of the bacteria. Instead, opt for pasteurised milk, cheese and other diary products.

7.Fresh Cilantro: The complex structure of a cilantro makes it difficult to be cleaned thoroughly. So, there are many chances of bacteria breeding on its leaves. Hence, make sure you wash each strand of it under running water to avoid falling ill.

These are he foods that you should stop eating to stay healthy.