Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight


You may be having lots of coffee trying to be up to finish your work or simply because you’re addicted to it. This is what coffee does to you. It increases your craving to have more, making you feel hungry and you end up eating much more than required, which adds up to those fats. Replace it with green tea which helps burn those calories in a natural way.

2.Processed Snacks

You already know that fried foods are a big ‘no-no’ while you are struggling to lose weight. It is best to avoid ice-creams, candies, cookies, fries, chips too. These foods make you addicted and increase your desire for them. They are made so colorful and full of tempting flavors so that you get attracted to them every time you enter the store. Do not fall prey to this trap!

3. Canned fruits and juices

You may think that fruits and juices in any form are good for health, but the canned variety almost does the opposite. The way in which these canned fruits and juices are processed, leave little nutrition value to them. These canned fruits and juices always contain more sugar and instead of doing any good, they actually add up to those calories.

4.Junk food

They may seem very tempting and delicious but the fact remains that they do not do good to your body. Just like processed foods, these too are addictive and once you get into the habit of having them, it becomes very difficult to avoid them. Hamburgers, fries, pizzas, pastas and other such stuff contain lot of sugar and salt that may suit your taste buds but will start showing up on your belly very soon. It is best to avoid them.

5.Aerated drinks

Sodas are all about sugar. They may try to fool you with the diet soda variety but the difference in the amount of calories has hardly any impact on your diet plans. When you stop having these drinks, you will notice that losing weight is way much easier.

6.White bread

Bread made from white flour does little or no good to the body. Instead, you can opt for brown or multi grain bread which is a safer bet while trying to lose weight.


Alcohol, as proven, almost acts like a catalyst in gaining weight. It slows down the metabolism of the body by nearly 73%. If you are trying to lose weight, your metabolism needs to be fast in order to digest food quickly. Alcohol does exactly the opposite. So girls, whether you’ve just had a break up or your boss is getting on your nerves, think before gulping down that bottle of beer.