How to have ‘happy feet’ during pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman gains extra pounds and the entire body weight gets concentrated on her feet. This results in pain in legs during this period. If not treated in time, the leg pain can become severe.

Generally, women complain of weakness, pain, heaviness and strain in their legs during pregnancy. There are a few women who develop strain and cramp problems in legs before going to bed while others suffer from leg swelling, especially during initial pregnancy days. The swelling increases in the evening and decreases in the morning. Many-a-times, women develop blue spider-web on thighs in this condition which gets thicker. This is called varicose veins problems. Sometimes blood gets accumulated in the leg veins resulting in red rashes and swelling. This may prove fatal for mother and foetus as well.

The reason For this

  • Sitting on the chair with legs hanging down or standing continuously.
  • Due to hereditary reason.
  • The purpose of blood circulation is to transport oxygen and essential nutrients throughout and remove unwanted elements from the body. Pure blood flows through arteries in the body. The heart pumps out blood to these arteries with one palpitation and in the next palpitation the heart is filled with blood being brought by the veins. This circulation of blood in the heart goes on with each heart beat.
  • In other words, if arteries do not circulate the exact quantity of impure blood to the heart then the quantity of purified blood oozing out of the heart through the lungs decreases. Due to deficiency of pure blood, the palpitation rate gets affected. This may harm the mother and the child. Hence it is important that too much blood should not get accumulated in the legs of pregnant women and the same quantity of purified blood circulates to the legs through arteries as the impure blood reaching the heart from legs.

Method to prevent

  • During pregnancy, regular jogging and simple leg exercise are important.
  • If any above symptoms arises during your pregnancy, do not avoid these and immediately consult a good vascular or cardio vascular surgeon. Get a check-up of your legs done every two months from a good vascular surgeon.
  • You should take care of legs to avoid these problems because their occurrence will require you to take lots of medicine which will be harmful to foetus.
  • Avoid standing for more than an hour in the same posture. Do not sit on the chair with legs hanging down for a long time. Do not use hard edged chair.
  • Working pregnant women should move their legs every hour in their work place. They should go for a short walk at regular intervals.
  • Do not use very hot water in winters for bathing and do not sit in the sun for a long time because excess heat increases the length of leg veins resulting in the accumulation of more impure blood there.
  • Pour cold water on legs after every tired activity. Place a pillow under the legs while lying.
  • Wear graduated compression stockings every day. This stockings made of special technique helps to prevent accumulation of impure blood in legs and improves blood circulation.
  • If sudden swelling develops in your leg, immediately go to a hospital which houses a cardio vascular or vascular surgeon and also has the facility of angiography, MR Venogram and Doppler study.