Health Benefits of Avocados


It is widely believed that avocados were cultivated by the earliest era of Aztecs, that would be 7000-10000 years ago. They believed that the avocados are the testicle trees with great aphrodisiac properties and they considered avocados as the fruit of the kings. It is believed that the Aztec families restrained their virgin daughters from stepping out of the house during the harvest season as the avocados were considered as the fertility fruit. Not just the Aztecs, but the Mayans too had similar beliefs about avocados.This fruit which was once crowned as the  fruit for the kings  for the high content of fat and its aphrodisiac properties.

They maybe higher in fats for a fruit but come loaded with healthy oils and other nutrients. They are a great meat substitute for Vegans to help balance their diet. Avocados are generally used as vegetables but are more closer to the family of berries.

Nutritional Values in Avocados:

Apart from just fats and oils, there are many nutrients present in avocados. Some of them are mentioned here.

Per 150 grams of avocados contain:

Amounts Per Selected Serving            % Daily Value

Calories (from fats)                                           184 %

Total Fats                                                               22 %

Omega Fatty Acids                                             165 milligrams

Cholesterol                                                             0 %

Protein                                                                     6 %

Dietary Fiber                                                          8 %

Vitamin A                                                                 219 %

Vitamin C                                                                   4 %

Vitamin D                                                                   25 %

Vitamin E                                                                    4 %

Vitamin K                                                                     16 %

Magnesium                                                                   5 %

Manganese                                                                    14 %

Phosphorus                                                                   2 %

Zinc                                                                                    2 %

Copper                                                                               2 %

Sodium                                                                               0 %

Potassium                                                                          4 %

These are some nutritional benefits of avocados.Having this nutritional food will increase health with us.It have no cholesterol content so it will be best for the heart patients and for the others it will add health for the heart.