Health Benefits Of Eating Dosa

Dosas look like thin paper sheets but they come with lots of health benefits. There are many varieties of dosas. Most of them are made of rice batter and lentils. They are good source of carbs and of course, many other nutrients.In fact, dosas are helathier and tastier than a Pizza or a burger. Though most of us know that fast foods are unhelathy, we tend to find it difficult to quit them due to their taste. But try a dosa and you will understand that it is tasty too.Dosas are low in calories. The dosa which comes with a filling inside is known as masala dosa. It is high in calories. Generally, they are eaten with chutney (pickle) and sambar. This tasty dish is also healthy. If you thought that healthy foods are never tasty then you must eat dosa.The best part is: you can eat it any time of the day- breakfast or lunch or even as dinner. It has carbs, vitamins, proteins and minerals too. And dosa also contains probiotics which keep your gut happy.Here are some health benefits of eating dosa.

Health benefits of eating dosa are:

1.Good Source Of Carbs: We need carbs to feel energetic. And dosa is a good source to obtain some healthy carbs. Try masala dosa if you wish to have enough calories.

2.Contains Minerals Like Iron: There are some vitamins and minerals in a dosa in small quantities. A single dosa can provide a small percentage of iron, calcium and vitamin C. When you eat it along with sambar, you will get more nutrients as sambar is also rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

3.Heart-Friendly Food: Dosa is also low in saturated fat and that makes it good for the heart too. A regular dosa contains only 2g of saturated fat. But don't forget to use very less oil to prepare a dosa.

4.Provides Endurance: The nutrients in a dosa also provide endurance and energy levels. In fact, as a dosa is basically nutritious and healthy you can experiment a lot by adding your favourite vegetables inside it as stuffing, trying egg on it etc.

5.Contains Protein Too: We need protein to maintain muscle mass. A regular dosa can provide you with enough. But if you want more proteins, you can always try egg dosa (egg is fried on dosa). And you can consume it with sambar which contains lentils which are good sources of proteins.

6.Good For Weight Loss: As dosa is low in calories and low in fat, you can include it in your diet if you are targeting weight loss. But ensure that you use less oil while preparing your dosa.

7.Good For Diabetics Too: As the sugar levels in dosa are low, even diabetics can eat it. But instead of a masala dosa, a regular plain dosa is preferable.

These are the health benefits of eating dosa.