Health Benefits of Fish

There has been too much confusion and too much research whether to eat fish or not. Accept the facts. Every coin has two sides. Yes, it might have its own small set of disadvantages but the health benefits you get from eating fish are comparatively more. Fish is the best non-vegan food to have. For instance, not all the non-vegan foods are low on fat and high on protein. So, here are a few health benefits of eating fish.

1. Eating fish twice a week is good for the human body. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps the brain and they eyes.

2. Eating fish reduces the risk of a stroke or heart disease. Both, middle-aged men and women need to take fish to avoid the hazard of a heart illness.

3. Fish plays a role in the regulation of blood clotting and vessel constriction thereby it helps in cardiovascular health, which again reduces the possibility of a cardio arrest.

4. Eating fish reduces the possibility of asthma in children.

5. A boon to the diabetic people, fish can help in maintaining the sugar level for people suffering from diabetes.

6. Yet another Omega 3 fatty acid is DHA. Fish contains this fatty acid which helps pregnant and lactating women. This fatty acid aids in the brain development of the infant.

7. Research has proved that people eating fish are less prone to the peril of having cancer. It can prevent prostate, oral, esophagus and various other types of cancer.

8. Right from the young to the elderly – everyone is benefited by eating fish. Fish reduces the risk of developing dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.

9. The Omega acids in the fish protect the brain, or more precisely the mind, from the hazards of depression. People who eat fish on a regular basis are less depressed and more positive.Be it baked, poached, grilled or steamed, fish has excellent health benefits on the human body.