Health Benefits of Green Mango

1. Rich in Vitamin C

This unripe fruit is packed with loads of Vitamin C which helps to fulfill the calcium requirements of the body that make the bones stronger. This important nutrient helps the body to fight against inflammation and is also good for decreasing the risk of blood related diseases considerably. The blood vessels become stronger and thus more elastic.

2. Good for morning sickness

Pregnant women can eat green mangoes to help calm the intensity and minimize the frequency of morning sickness. You will notice the total disappearance of morning sickness after regularly consuming raw mangoes.

3. Cure for indigestion and constipation

If ever your stomach feels acidic and unsettled, reach out for a green mango as it helps cure the disorder, thanks to its richness in fiber. The fruit is high in alkali which helps in the treatment of constipation. Also, mixing it with little honey and salt will aid in warding off gastrointestinal disorders.

4. Good for the liver 

This fruit is packed with large amounts of iron and helps the liver maintain its healthiness. A limited regular intake of raw mangoes will keep liver disorders at bay since it accelerates the secretion of bile acids and cleans the intestines of bacterial infections.

5. Improves resistance against diseases

Green mangoes help the body to increase immunity and resistance against a number of diseases and disorders. Tuberculosis, anaemia, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, piles, chronic dyspepsia as well as various forms of cancer and cardiac diseases can be prevented with regular consumption of green mangoes.