Health Conditions That Cause Your Heart To Skip A Beat To Know

Imagine you are at work and you suddenly start to experience a mild pain in your heart, well, it would definitely alarm you, even if it is not something serious.This is because the heart is the vital most organ of the body and even if it stops beating for a split second, a person could lose their life!The heart is a muscular organ which pumps blood to various other organs of the body and also filters the blood to separate the carbon-di-oxide and oxygen content.When the heart is pumping blood to all the other parts of the body, through the arteries, and a rhythmic pulsation happens, this pulsation of the heart is known as the heart beat.Now, the normal heart rate for an adult human is 60-100 bpm (beats per minute) and when the heart skips even one beat, it could be a sign of certain disorders.Here are some health conditions that cause your heart to ski[ a beat.

1.Coffee Addiction: Although this is not a serious disease, coffee addiction can increase your blood pressure, which in turn can strain the heart and cause it to skip a beat.

2.Stress: Stress increases the level of a hormone known as cortisol in the body and cortisol can weaken the heart muscles and cause it to skip a beat.

3.Alcoholism: If you are someone who abuses alcohol, then your heart could skip beats often, as alcohol increases the level of adrenaline in the blood which can strain the heart.

4.Pregnancy: The hormonal fluctuations caused during pregnancy can also strain the heart muscles and lead to a skip in the heart beat, at times.

5.Over-Exercising: Over-exercising can cause your heart rate to go up, which in turn makes your heart exert too much force to pump blood, thus causing a skin in the beat.

6.Mineral Deficiency: Research studies have found that potassium and magnesium deficiency in the body can also cause the heart to skip a beat.

7.Dehydration: Dehydration can dry out and weaken the muscvles of your heart, thus causing irregular heart beat and also skipped heart beat.

These are the health conditions that cause your heart to skip a beat.