Health Properties of Clove


In Ayurverda, clove is considered as a medicine with healing properties.Have a small clove to cure a sore throat or fight common cold.There are many other health and healing benefits of this superfood.Clove is popular spice that is used for adding aroma to a dish. The unopened pink flower of the clove tree is dried and then used as a spice. Apart from adding a flavour to the gravy, this super food has many health benefits.Let us check the amazing health benefits of clove and its healing properties.

Health benefits of clove:

Avoids bloating
Increases blood circulation in the body
Fights tooth pain and bleeding gums
Controls high cholesterol levels
Reduces mouth ulcer
Treats diarrhea
A natural mouth freshener
Cures cough and cold
Fights nausea
Cures gastric problems

1.Aphrodisiac:According to many researches, clove comes in the list of aphrodisiac foods. The spice boosts up the sensual mood of a person.

2.Cures indigestion:If you are suffering from indigestion or loose stools or nausea, have a clove. Clove has medicinal properties that cures nausea, indigestion and gastric irritability.

3.Reduces arthritis pain:The arthritis pain can be really bad. You can eat a clove regularly or apply its paste on the joints to relieve pain. This is a natural medicine that have been used since generations to treat arthritis pain.

4.Removes free-radicals:Free radicals are one of the primary causes of ageing. You can fight ageing by having cloves. The spice has anthocyanins and quercetin antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body and also reduce ageing. This is a natural method to fight ageing.

5.Antiseptic:You can make a paste of clove and apply on sore and burn skin. Even cuts and bruises can be treated with the clove paste. The paste of this Ayurvedic medicine has anti-germicidal and anti-fungal properties that kills bacteria.

These are few health benefits of clove and its healing properties. You can have the spice with other herbs and spices like basil, cinnamon or cardamom. However, excessive consumption of cloves can have side effects. If you are a pregnant or nursing woman, consult your doctor as clove can have allergic reaction too.