Healthy Peels That You Must Have

Many of you just don’t prefer having certain fruits, vegetables or food items with their skin. Some of the food item with skin is meant to be had with their skin. In fact the nutritional value that is contained in the skin is comparatively higher than that in the fruit itself. It is weird that despite knowing the nutritional value facts many of you prefer on removing the skin and having it.Most of you have potatoes after the skin has been removed. In case you decide to keep the skin on, you make sure that you deep fry the potato such that the nutritional value is lost any way.

Potato is not the only food that you should have with the skin. There are many other foods that you should have with the peels. You just avoid the healthy peels as they may not taste as good as the fruit does. But, there are ways to ensure that the peels taste good too. Lemons peels are supposed to be good but who has it with the peels.Here are some healthy peels that you must have.

Healthy peels that you must have are:

1.Orange Peels: Did you know that orange peels possess four times the amount of fiber present inside the fruit? In fact the amount of tengeretin and nobiletin in orange peels are higher compared to the fruit. These are good flavonoids which possess anti cancer, anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties. Consuming the peels will also reduce the chances of LDL cholesterol in a natural way. Of course consuming peels should be done with a technique. Grate the peels and sprinkle green beans on them. You can even use it on dessert by simmering the strips in chocolate syrup and covering it with melted chocolate. This is just one of the several ways to consume orange peels.

2.Onion Peels: You will find that the onion peels contain more antioxidants than the onions do. The onion peels are highly enriched with quercetin which is helpful in reducing blood pressure and also prevents arterial plaque. You can add them in your soups as flavor enhances. You can even simmer them in stocks. Consuming the peels raw is not such a good idea and you should ideally avoid doing that.

3.Almonds: A lot of people out of habit tend to peel the skin off almonds before consuming this dry fruit. But the almond skin is good for your health. It promotes digestive process thus saving you the trouble of indigestion. The skin contains Vitamin E and has all the necessary flavonoids too. It is apparently good at reducing the cholesterol in your body. You will not face issues related to LDL cholesterol if you consume the almonds with its skin.

4.Apples: Apple peels are healthy peels that you should ideally consume. If you have a habit of removing the peel from apples before consuming it, try changing the habit. Another peel that reduces any symptoms related to blood cholesterol thus reducing it relatively. It protects you from diseases like diabetes and heart issues thus reducing the unnecessary blood fats. It also nourishes your muscles thus building them into healthy ones.

5.Lemon Peels: Consuming lemon peel may not really sound like a good idea but it is one of those healthy peels that reduces symptoms of all sorts of diseases. It cures cancer, reduces chances of blood cholesterol in the body and protects against scurvy. It also improves your bone health and oral health along with improving your digestion power.

These are the healthy peels that you must have.