Healthy Whole Wheat food To Help You Ditch Refined Flour

There are a number of different species of wheat that are cultivated around the world. The one thing that might hold true for all of them is that the less processing they have been made to go through, the better their nutritional profile. Whole wheat, just like other whole grains, is a rich source of dietary fibre and protein, which are two of three essential macro-nutrients required for a healthy body.

Here Are Five Healthy Whole Wheat Recipes You May Try:

1. Gehun Ki Kheer Recipe

We traditionally make kheer from rice, but this whole wheat kheer is healthier than the popular version. It doesn't contain refined sugar and instead uses jaggery as a sweetener.

2. Japanese Soba Noodles Recipe

Soba noodles are flat noodles made from whole wheat and this recipe also adds the protein and fibre-rich buckwheat to the mix. Noodle-making might seem like a daunting task but the result might be worth the trouble.

3. Whole Wheat Pasta In Mushroom Sauce Recipe

A creamy pasta recipe without the unhealthy calories of cream and refined flour is just what the doctor ordered. This whole wheat penne pasta recipe uses the natural creaminess of mushrooms to give you a dish that is both satisfying and delicious.

4. Whole Wheat Cake Recipe

This cake recipe will make you ditch refined flour cakes forever. Prepared using whole wheat flour and jaggery, this cake is loaded with the goodness of walnuts and the recipe is just incredibly easy to follow.

5. Whole Wheat Cookies Recipe

Evening snacks can weigh you down when you're trying to clean up your diet. These wheat cookies will rescue your diet plans from the onslaught of those unhealthy chips and crisps.