Hidden Health Benefits of Eating Fruit Peels

All of us have been enjoying the pulp of most of the fruits, and have been throwing away the peels. But, if you need the entire nutrition of the fruit, you need to give some exercise to the jaws by eating the peels along with the fruit. Just ensure that you wash the fruit thoroughly before eating. 

1.Apple skin, a rich source of nutrients

Do you eat apple, after peeling its skin? A fresh apple needs to be taken along with its skin as it is a good source of calcium, vitamin A, antioxidants and cancer fighting phytochemicals. The apple peels are a good source of dietary fiber that aids in proper digestion.

2.Lemon peel, great for digestion

Lemon peels might be a little bitter, but worth it! Lemon peels work great in aiding digestion, reducing cramps, improving blood circulation and strengthening immune system. For a better skin, eat lemon peels daily! As the peels are rich sources of citrus bioflavonoids, it helps flush out toxins from the body. Also, the high amount of calcium and vitamin content in lemon peels are good for bone health too.

3.Orange peel, aids in reducing cholesterol

Orange peels are rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids. The peels can add great flavor to food items apart from helping in fast digestion and cutting down the bad cholesterol levels. It can be added in smoothies for a better taste and if dried and used, it serves as a great medicine for skin blemishes.

4.Kiwi skin, a rich source of antioxidants

One of the healthiest fruit peels, kiwi skin is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It improves heart health and is a natural blood thinner. Kiwi skin can be mixed in smoothies or in salads for a better taste.

5.Watermelon rind, a powerhouse of vitamins

Have you ever tried eating watermelon rind? Though not sweet as its juicy pulp, it’s not bad either. In fact, the white rind is a storehouse of various healthy compounds like vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin A, thiamine, lycopene, calcium, zinc and iron.