Stop Weight Gain In Women?

1. Monitor your food environment

Many times, it happens that you tend to eat more or in larger portions especially when you find yourself in a particular place. For example, you may be successful at controlling your hunger pangs when at home but you may find it hard to resist eating pastries when you attend a wedding. 

2. Keep ‘dangerous’ foods away

Research has shown that you are tempted to eat the food you see. That is why, visual food advertisements work so well. However, this is the key to stop gaining weight. Take all fattening foods, such as candies, cookies and other snacks away from your sight. Do not put them in a bowl on your table. 

3. Stack up healthier snacks

Get many packs of healthier snacks and store them in your kitchen. Place fruits you can eat raw on your table or near the TV. If you are a couch potato, this tip would surely help.

4. Don’t buy unhealthy food

If you avoid buying unhealthy food, you won’t be able snack on it even if you really want to.

5. Buy smaller plates

Get smaller plates for your dining table. Research proves that people tend to eat larger portions when they use larger plates. So, get smaller plates to serve food at home so that you eat smaller portions and eventually stop weight gain.

6. Eat aromatic food

If your food smells nice, when you heat it up or cook it, this stimulates your stomach’s work. You start producing digestive juices sooner and eat less. Fruits and vegetables, which have a strong nice smell, are more natural and chemical free.

7. Have olive oil with bread

When you are eating out, ask for olive oil to be served with your bread, instead of butter. This way, you’ll eat less bread. In fact, you can cut down the bread portion you eat by one third, if you eat it with olive oil.

8. Spend less time in a grocery store

When you are shopping, look in the top shelves to find healthier food options. In the stores, try to go shopping by your list of healthy foods and minimize the time you spend in a grocery store. The longer you stay there, you are bound to buy more unhealthy foods.