How Vegetables Help Prevent Cancer?

Over the last few decades, cancer has become a threat to many people on our planet. Our way of life and ecology puts everyone under the danger of getting this dreadful illness. However, scientists have discovered that some vegetables possess elements which kill carcinogens – cancer causing agents. Let’s take a look at how eating vegetables may help to beat cancer.

One of the best vegetables you may eat to prevent or beat cancer is cabbage and all its ‘family members’. For years, there were only few kinds of cabbages commonly consumed in Europe or America. But when this Asian cuisine won the hearts of Westerners, they were introduced to other different sorts of cabbage.There are many Chinese and other Asian kinds of cabbage you can eat to prevent cancer. Scientists have discovered that all kinds of cabbage contain certain elements called glucosinolates. These elements kill cancer cells and prevent cancer.

Also, scientists discovered that all vegetables are rich with vitamins and antioxidants. There is an infection theory of how cancer develops. Some scientists believe cancer is caused by excessive pollution of our bodies with various viruses and bacteria. Vitamins and antioxidants in vegetables help our bodies to cope with them and be healthy.

If you eat several servings of vegetables a day, this can significantly lower your risks of developing cancer. Eating lots of red meat can increase your risks of developing stomach cancer. While being digested, meat produces certain enzymes, which help cancer cells to survive in the stomach.When you eat meat with garlic or onions, this stops the production of cancer causing enzymes. Consequently, this makes your food healthier.

Garlic and onion have lots of natural plant phytocids in them. They are strong germ killers, which can help your body to cope with bacteria and prevent cancer.Eating different colored vegetables can supply your body with essential nutrients which enables it to function properly and keep it healthy. This stops cancer cells from developing and helps healthy cells to grow faster.