How You Can Use A Tennis Ball To Cure Different Pain

Though body pains could have many reasons, muscle contraction is one which can be tackled by certain remedial measures. Contracted muscles could pressurise joints and that could cause pain. The tennis ball remedy is one which is used by many people to tackle back pain. Actually, the tennis ball can help in relaxing and stretching a muscle. During the process, you may experience some relief. Are you wondering how to use a tennis ball to relieve back pain?

1.Back Pain: If your back pain is due to improper sleeping posture or sitting posture or even high heels, try this remedy. You need two tennis balls. Lie down and place them behind your back. Place them a bit above the tail bone. Slightly move your body to and fro so that the balls under you will massage your back. Adjust the pressure according to your pain, stiffness and discomfort. Continue for 5 minutes and stop.

2.Neck Pain: You can use this remedy for neck pain too. Lie down and place the tennis balls below your neck touching the base of your skull. Gently move the head and let the balls massage your neck. Depending upon your pain or stiffness, move your head in several directions gently for 3 minutes.

3.Shoulder Pain: Lie down looking upwards. Place the 2 balls under shoulders. Try to move only your shoulders to roll the tennis balls for 2 minutes so that they massage your shoulders. Shoulder pain due to bad posture or lifting objects can be cured by doing this.

4.Pain In The hips: Those who sit for prolonged hours and those who wear shoes all the time may suffer pain in the hips. Lie down, place the tennis balls under your hips and try to roll the balls in circles for 3 minutes.

5.Chest: Certain daily life activities could cause stiffness or tightness in the chest. Stand against the wall and place the tennis ball between you and the wall. Where to place? Below the collar bone. Gently, roll the ball for 2 minutes using your chest muscles so that the ball massages the muscles.

6.Hand Pain: If your hands pain after typing or writing for long periods, place a ball on the table and place your hand on it. Put another tennis ball on the top of your hand and move your hand to let the balls massage your hand for 2 minutes.

7.Sore Feet: Put the tennis ball below your foot and roll it gently for 2 minutes so that the ball massages the foot.

These are the ways that you can use a tennis ball for different pain.