If You Have Kidney Stones Strictly Avoid These Foods

The natural chemicals in the urine usually stop the kidney stones from forming, in most people. When these natural chemicals are disturbed, such stones are formed. It is very essential to follow an appropriate diet when you are suffering from kidney stones.Many people suffer from kidney stones but are not aware of the same in the initial stages. Only when the stones grow in size and they experience symptoms such as abdominal pain and problems in urinating, do they realize that they have a kidney stone. Dealing with kidney stones is really painful; however, can be completely treated with appropriate medication and proper intake of food, as suggested by the doctor. Though the type of kidney stone might vary from person to person, there are certain foods that you might have to avoid, no matter what type of stone you have.Here are some foods that you must avoid if you have kidney stones.

Foods that you must avoid if you have kidney stones are:

1.Spinach: Spinach is rich in oxalate and it combines with calcium to form calcium oxalate crystals while urine is produced by the kidneys. These calcium oxalate crystals are called kidney stones. Therefore, if you eat more spinach when you are suffering from such stones, it will only end up aggravating the situation.

2.Tomatoes: This is yet another oxalate-rich food. This vegetable adds a lot of taste to your dishes and is also high in nutrients. However, since tomatoes are rich in oxalate, it can worsen your kidney stone situation, Therefore, the recommendation is to remove the seeds and use the tomato pulp only.

3.Seafood: Doctors recommend patients suffering from kidney stones to avoid the intake of seafood, meat and other protein-rich foods, since they are rich in certain compounds called purines. When the purine levels in the body become high, it increases the production of uric acid, thereby leading to kidney stones.

4.Sodium Or Salt: People suffering from kidney stones should cut down on their sodium intake considerably. High sodium intake will only worsen the situation. It is advisable to restrict the sodium intake to 2500 milligrams per day. Some of the foods that contain high amounts of sodium and should be strictly avoided if you have a kidney stone are chips, dried fish, pickles, packaged sauces, ketchup and chutneys, salted butter, salted nuts, cheese, canned vegetables, savoury snacks, peanuts and any kind of packaged food.

5.Chocolates: If you are suffering from kidney stones, doctors would strictly advise you to avoid chocolates because they are rich in oxalates. It is still fine to consume a small piece of it once a week if you are really craving for it and have a sweet tooth. If possible it is better that you avoid and replace your craving with something else.

6.Tea: Most of us start our day with a cup of hot tea and it also has its own health benefits. This is fine for normal people; however, if you are suffering from kidney stones, this can be very harmful. Tea consumption can only aggravate and increase the size of the stone for people who have this problem.

7.Other Foods: Legumes, beetroots, sweet potatoes, guavas, peanuts and seed grains also contain high amounts of oxalate and their consumption should be strictly monitored.

These are the foods that you must avoid if you have kidney stones.