Know The Health Benefits Of Eating Sweet Corn

For maintaining a good health, foods are the most necessary object. They are source of vitamins, minerals and other essentials of your body. Naturally, you eat several kinds of foods. From chicken or bacon you get protein while wheat and rice provide carbohydrates. Are you aware of the health benefits of sweet corn as it is one of the most beneficial foods. Read on to know more. Milk and eggs are wholesome food as they contain all goodness of foods. So, having foods in right proportions meets all your needs to be healthy.Sweet corn is a vegetable that is considered in the maize group. It is tender and delicious and can be eaten in the forms of various recipes. If you are making salads, put some boiled sweet corns in it. It will taste great. Benefits of corn on health are many. If you want to make a list of health benefits of sweet corn, you may find its effectiveness on heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc.

What are the benefits of corn on health? As the sweet corns contain the sugar in it than the starch element, this vegetable is also good for weight gain. So, munching sweet corns can be an option of tasty yet healthy snack. Here are some health benefits of sweet corn.

1.Rich In Calories: Health benefits of sweet corn must include this. If you or your child is underweight, put sweet corn in the regular diet. A bowl of 100 gm. sweet corn contains 342 calories. So, for quick weight gain, it is very effectual.

2.Have Positive Impacts On Hemorrhoids And Cancer: While you think about the benefits of corn on health, you can't avoid this point. As sweet corn is a rich source of fiber, it helps digestion. So, constipation and hemorrhoids can be kept far away. Moreover, the risk of colon cancer is also reduced by it.

3.Rich Source Of Vitamins: Sweet corn is high source of vitamin B components like Thiamine and Niacin. Such vitamins are beneficial for your nervous system and reducing the risks of diseases like diarrhea, dementia etc.

4.Rich In Minerals: Sweet corn contains numerous minerals that serve your body in different ways. General minerals like zinc, iron, copper, manganese etc. are present in sweet corn. But it has a special trace mineral like selenium that helps your body. So, health benefits of sweet corn are unquestionable.

5.Antioxidants: Recent researches have proved that sweet corn has lots of antioxidant properties which prevents the work of free radicals those causes cancer. Corn contains a phenolic component, ferulic acid, which works on reducing the size of tumors in case of breast as well as liver cancer.

6.Shields Your Heart: Besides having sweet corn, if you use corn oil in cooking that works on your heart to improve the health of it. Corn oil helps in reducing blood pressure and thus clogging in arteries become less. So, chances of heart attacks and strokes are also decreased.

7.Prevents Anemia: Experts opine among two women, one has the problem of anemia. Deficiency of iron is the main cause behind it. With a good level of iron, sweet corn helps in building new red blood corpuscles.

8.Lesser LDL Cholesterol: Health benefits of sweet corn is not limited to the kernels. The corn husk oil helps in decreasing cholesterol absorption by lowering the level of LDL cholesterol. But that does not reduce the effectiveness of ‘good' HDL cholesterol in your body.

9.Vitamin A Components: Do you ever think why the sweet corn is yellow? It is because of the rich source of Beta carotene which forms vitamin A in your body. For enhancing your visual power and skin benefits, vitamin A is very necessary. Sweet corn is an incessant supplier of vitamin A.

10.Control Over Diabetes: Taking corn in regular diets helps in maintaining diabetes as it is thought that it contains non-insulin properties like diabetes mellitus. Still, further research is going on the benefit of corn to cure diabetes. 

11.Cut Hypertension: In today's life it is difficult to get rid of hypertension. Corn is such vegetable which contains phenolic phytochemicals which fights to reduce the level of hypertension. Thus, it keeps your heart strong and reduces chances of other diseases.

12.Reduces Joint Pain: As sweet corn is rich source of magnesium, iron, vitamin B and protein, it helps in intensification the connective tissues of your body. So, for the older people, who suffer from the joint pain, a bowl of boiled sweet corn must be included in their regular diet.

13.Source Of Energy: The carbohydrates in the sweet corn keeps you active for a long run as it is rich supplier of energy to your body. A bowl of sweet corn at lunch can remove the lethargy and get back you to work.

14.Pregnancy: Sweet corn consists of a component, called Folic Acid, which is beneficial for the health of the pregnant women. But it is always better to consult your physician before having sweet corns.

15.Effective On Alzheimer’s Patients: Last but definitely not among the least health benefits of sweet corn. It is a disease which happens due to lack of Thymine. So, a patient of the disease must have sweet corn everyday as a staple food.

These are the health benefits of sweet corn.