Know The Health Benefits Of Soaking Grains Before Cooking

Soaking grains eliminates the toxic substances found in the whole grains which is why it is vital for you to soak grains before cooking. Soaking your healthy grains will help to keep you fit and increase your energy too.The water is the most important as it draws out all the nutrients, so make sure you use the water while cooking the grains. If you take a look at the health benefits of soaking grains you will be shocked to see how essential the process actually is. To soak these whole grains before cooking, you can either use plain water. Add in a little salt or even baking soda to the water while soaking the grains before cooking to add more health benefits to the list. On the other hand there are some grains where you might need to soak overnight. Make sure you change the water first thing in the morning. Add warm water for the next change and use it while cooking.

1.Reduce Phytic Acid: The phytic acid is present on the outer layer of grains. Without soaking the grains in water, this phytic acid prevents the absorption of other minerals like magnesium, calcium etc. Therefore, soaking the grains before cooking enables important enzymes and bacteria to break down the phytic acid.

2.Neutralize the Enzyme Inhibitors: Our body contains two types of Enzymes, that is digestive enzymes and metabolic. The digestive enzymes does the duty of breaking up the food in the stomach and the metabolic enzymes deals with the biological activity. According to experts, the outer protective layer of the whole grains contain enzyme inhibitors. So, when these grains are consumed the enzyme inhibitors restrict the activity of an enzyme (digestive enzymes and metabolic). There are some grains which also have a high amount of enzyme inhibitors which is why soaking grains before cooking is important as it helps to neutralise the activity of the enzyme inhibitors.

3.Increase the Quantity of Vitamins: When you wash the whole grains in water before cooking you are removing a portion of the vitamins and other elements. However, soaking the grains allows the vitamins to get collected in the water. Which is why adding the grain water to the cooker is important.

4.Makes Digestion Easier: Soaking the whole grains before cooking also prevents the activity of these enzyme inhibitors. It in turn helps to improve the bowel activity. This is one of the best health benefits of soaking grains.

5.Keeps You Healthy: Soaking the whole grains overnight not only helps you digest it quickly. The health benefits of soaking grains makes your body stronger and able to help you fight against many diseases as it cuts the phytic acid.

These are the health benefits of soaking grains before cooking.