Know These Bizarre And Weird Facts About Foods

Food is needed for the survival of living beings. In ancient times, people used to have food in raw form as they needed something to survive. Later they used to cook food so that it becomes easy for the stomach to digest it. These people used to eat food just to fill there tummy and utilize energy for survival as there was no other option for them. However now a days,the story is different. People prefer to eat to sooth their taste buds. In today's life people love to eat fast and processed food.There has been tremendous development in food industry. Food has a become a delicacy as so many varieties of cuisine are available. Well having a tasty and variety of foods is worth having in this busy and somewhat hectic life. But make sure have tasty and healthy foods.However there are some interesting and shocking facts about foods that you will be surprised to know.

1.Honey: Honey has no expiry date and has an eternal shelf life. Honey never gets spoiled as it is itself a preservative. The oldest honey that you can find is 3000 years old. No bacteria or fungus can grow in honey. They die when they come in contact with honey.

2.Frogs: A shocking facts about foods is that long back when refrigerator was not invented, Russians used to keep frogs in milk to prevent it from getting spoiled.

3.Airplane Food: Food eaten in plane does not taste good as in high altitudes the sense of taste and smell decreases by 30 to 50 percent.

4.Chicken: Chicken meat contains three times higher more fat than it had before in early seventies. Protein value has also dropped as compare to earlier times.

5.Apples: There are about 7500 varieties of apples grown worldwide. If you attempt to taste each variety daily, it will take 20 good years to try all those varieties of apples. This is one of the cool facts about foods.

6.Mother’s Milk: There is no food on this earth that provides all the nutrients in adequate amounts as mother's milk. Breast milk is the complete food. This is one of the interesting facts about food.

7.Popsicle: This stick ice cream was discovered by an eleven year old boy when he left a stick in flavoured soda water at night. In the morning it was frozen and since that day popsicle is been made in a sophisticated forms.

8.K.F.C (Kentucky Fried Chicken): The popularity of this fried chicken began from japan when people used to eat K.F.C on the Christmas. Later in 1974 they promoted it as a Christmas food.

9.Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream: Do you know why Ben and jerry ice cream is so rich in taste? One of the founder of this ice cream brand had a medical condition called anosmia. In this condition there is no sense of smell which affects the perception of taste. So he decided to make to make this ice cream most tasty and rich in all flavours.

10.Meat Consumption: India has the lowest meat consumption per person among the whole world. While as, Luxembourg has the highest meat consumption per person.

11.Fast Foods: A study has shown that eating fast foods regularly has the same effect on liver as hepatitis. Eating fatty foods cause fatty liver as they contain high amount of saturated fats. Fatty liver can cause liver damage later if left untreated.

12.Cost of healthy food: Did you know that healthy and nutritious food are 10 times more expensive than fast food? In contrast to the common belief that healthy foods are cheap than junk foods. This is a strange fact about foods.

13.Cucumber: It is one of the most hydrating and low calorie food. It contains 96 percent of water more than any other vegetable or fruit.

14.Nutmeg: When this herb is taken in larger doses, it causes hallucinations that can last for about two or more days.

15.Lobsters: In 1800's lobsters were not eaten as they were considered as garbage. They were given to prisoners in jail. Eating lobsters was considered as eating rats. Noe they are eaten as one of the tasty food.

16.Octopus: In Korea there is a kind of octopus known as sannakji. It is eaten alive. People of Korea like the taste of its raw fresh meat .

17.Red Meat: Almost 70 percent of red meat consumed worldwide is goat's meat.

These are the weird food facts to know.