Know These Common Causes Of Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder is a condition which will have an effect on the ability of a person to sleep normally. Most of the sleep disorders either occur due to too much stress or some health condition. powered by Rubicon Project Sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common in this world. Many people experience this condition due to daily stress or some other factors. This condition can actually affect your daily life.When sleeping problems occur regularly, then it may be a sleep disorder. Sleep disorder will not let you fall asleep and make you feel exhausted throughout the day. If you have been wondering what are the causes of sleep disorders, this article will let you know. Sleep deprivation can also have a negative effect on the mood, energy, concentration levels as well as your overall health.Sometimes, sleep disorders can also be a sign of some mental or medical condition. Here re some common causes of sleep disorder to know.

1.Chronic Pain: Chronic pain can give you extreme difficulty in falling asleep. This will make you wake up immediately after falling asleep. Some of the common causes of constant pain are chronic headaches, arthritis, lower back pain and more.

2.Ageing: As you grow older, you may experience a change in your sleep activity, overall health and this may affect your sleep pattern in many ways.

3.Anxiety And Stress: Anxiety and stress can actually affect your sleep quality. It may make it difficult for you to fall asleep as soon as you hit the sack. You may also face sleep talking, nightmares and sleepwalking problems when you are asleep.

4.Depression: Depression is also one of the common causes for sleep disorders. This is because sleep disorders can bring about a change in the hormones, mood and physiology. This is one of the top causes of sleep disorders.

5.Unhealthy Lifestyles And Sleep Habits: Working late, hitting the bed late, taking afternoon naps and following irregular work hours can also lead to this condition.

6.Food And Drink: Having alcohol, caffeine or heavy meals just before bedtime can have a major impact on your sleep quality. This is one of the main causes of sleep disorders.

These are the common causes of sleep disorder to know.