Know These Effects Of Eating Late At Night

Is eating late at night healthy or unhealthy? Of course, all of us know that it is not so good for health but still we continue to enjoy our midnight parties and snacks. It doesn't hurt much if you eat late at night once a while but if you make it a habit then you must think twice.It is advisable to consume the majority of calories during the day when you are in action. The frequency of food intake is as important as the quality of food you eat.Your energy levels and fat content in your body depend upon a lot of factors and that is why it is better to keep your eating habits in safe zone.

1.Weight: Though most of us believe that a late night dinner can cause obesity, it is more about what you eat when it comes to gaining weight. But we generally consume calorie dense foods at night and sleep immediately which may cause weight gains. So, try to avoid eating late at night.

2.Sleep: Late night eating could disturb your sleep patterns especially if you consume spicy foods. If you are really hungry, eat something light and avoid caffeine and alcohol intake as they may trouble your sleep.

3.Snacking: Snacks get all the extra unnecessary calories that cause you unwanted weight gains. If you don't sleep on time, you might feel like munching on some snacks. Ensure that you stay away from late night snacking as it may cause weight gains.

4.Wash Room: Another problem with late night eating is that the fluid intake during your meal may wake you up to visit the bathroom several times during your sleep. This may spoil the quality of your sleep.

5.Acid Reflux: What happens after eating late at night? Well, you might try to lie down and sleep. If you eat acidic foods and try to sleep immediately, the risk of suffering acid reflux may be higher. So, try to maintain some gap between your last meal and bed time by eating early.

These are the effects of eating late at night.