Know These Everyday Habits That Mess With Your Vaginal Health

Ladies, have you been experiencing problems "down there", lately? If yes, then there are certain daily habits that could be causing vaginal issues. As humans we do everything we can to take care of our health and maintain a disease-free body.However, many a times, a woman tends to ignore the health of one of the most important parts of her body - the vagina! Most of us do not realise that vaginal health is equally important to remain disorder free!A woman's privates have not been talked about much since years, so many women may feel embarrassed to even go to a doctor for advice on vaginal health! However, we must know that if the vagina is not taken care of, we may be prone to a number of infections, dryness, pain and even infertility.Here are some everyday habits that mess with your vaginal health.

1.Harsh Washing: While it is a healthy practice to wash your vagina gently, once a day, scrubbing this delicate organ can be extremely unhealthy and cause tissue damage, causing inflammation.

2.Wearing Pantyliners: Wearing synthetic based panty-liners every day, to prevent discharge stains can also cause vaginal irritation in some women, as pantyliners contain synthetic chemicals.

3.Gym Clothes: Wearing your sweaty gym clothes, post workout, for a long time, without taking a shower can also lead to vaginal yeast infections, as the sweat and dirt from the gym clothes can get into the vagina and cause fungal growth.

4.Wearing Thongs: Wearing thongs on a regular basis can also irritate the delicate skin of the vagina and cause unnecessary itching and irritation.

5.Smoking: Many research studies have found a strong link between smoking and bacterial vaginosis, a chronic infection, as smoking can disturb the natural flora of the vagina.

6.Shaving: Shaving your pubic hair on a daily basis can also irritate the skin on vulva and even on the inside of the vagina, causing bumps, rashes and infection.

7.Yoghurt: Not consuming curd and yoghurt on a regular basis can also cause yeast infections in the vagina, as a diet without yoghurt can deplete the growth of healthy bacteria in the vagina.

These are the everyday habits that mess with your vaginal health.