Know These Foods That Cause Body Odour

Body odour is a problem faced by many and after doing all measures it is still there. Genetics, personal hygiene and overall health can also be important factors to determine your body odour. The sweat on your skin is fermented by bacteria which creates a distinctive odour on your skin.Body smell is a very embarrassing problem that needs to be addressed. In women body odour may be due to stress and menstruation. It is also said that excessive use of deodorants can also be a reason for body odour. It is very important to get rid of foul body odour to become socially acceptable and to build your self confidence and self esteem. Daily hygiene is also important and your health also plays a role.Do you know that eating certain foods cause bad body odour? Know and identify these foods that cause body odour. You might be doing every possible measures to remove your body odour but all are in vain if you don't stop eating such foods.

1.Broccoli, Cabbage & Cauliflower: These foods are rich in sulfur which ios responsible for body odour. After having these vegetables the sulfur present in them is broken down by the body into small compounds that cause rancid butter smell. These smelly substances are then secreted into the sweat to cause odour.

2.Red Meat: The amino acids present in red meat are broken down by the intestinal enzymes into smaller smelly substances. These foul smelling substances are then excreted through sweat to cause body odour. Have it in limited amount if you suffer from stinky body.

3.Processed Or Junk Foods: The refines sugars present in junk foods is responsible for creating body odour. These sugars are excreted in the sweat and change it's composition. It combines with the bacteria present in sweat and causes odour. These foods also cause bad body odour.

4.Fish: Fish is also included in the list of foods that cause body odour. A substance choline present in salmon and tuna fish has a natural fishy smell. This choline may be secreted in sweat for more than two days and create a body odour in some people. 

5.Low Carb Foods: When you cut down carbohydrates in your diet, your body starts to burn fats for energy purposes since carbs are not available. Burning of fats produces a chemical in the body that is excreted in your sweat. This chemical substance adds a fruity smell to your sweat.

6.Spicy Foods: The smell of the spices added in your foods remain in body pores for long and then combine with the sweat to cause body odour. Herbs and spices are among the foods to avoid for body odour.

7.Alcohol: Alcohol in the body is metabolised in the liver into acetic acid, however some of the alcohol is directly excreted through the sweat. Consuption of alcohol not only causes your mouth to stink but also causes body odour.

8.Asparagus: In some people asparagus can cause a rotten vegetable smell of sweat after eating it. Not all experience the same thing due to genetic variations in producing body odour and perceiving it.

9.Dairy Products: They are rich in proteins and excessive consumption of these products cause the release of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan in the body. These substances are then excreted through sweat causing body odour.

10.Cigarette Smoking: The smoke of the cigarettes mixes with the sweat and cause a distinctive smokers smell. This smell will stay for a longer time and then after some days it will cause a foul body odour as it combines with the bacteria in sweat.

These are the foods that causes body odour.