Know These Healthy Protein Foods To Have Everyday

When it comes to protein foods, the easiest options are eggs, chicken, fish, etc. Milk is a super food which contains all vitamins and minerals and obviously, protein. People who need an intake of protein supplement after workout, can simply have a glass of milk. Proteins are made up of amino acids which are needed by the human body.Before knowing about healthy protein foods to have every day, you should know the benefits of protein intake. High protein intake helps in speedy recovery after tough workouts, it helps to reduce muscle loss and to build lean muscles, it helps to curb hunger and it also helps to maintain a healthy weight.Here are some healthy protein foods to have everyday.

Healthy protein food to have everyday are:

1.Eggs: According to scientific research, you can get 6 grams of protein just from one egg. Egg is the powerhouse of protein as it contains vital amino acids, glutamic amino acids and branched chain amino acids. Therefore, it helps the best in muscle recovery after exercise.

2.Beans: If you are a vegetarian and looking for veg protein foods to have every day, go for beans. You can choose any types of beans including black beans, soy beans or kidney beans. Depending on the type of beans, you can get 15-25 grams of protein per cup.

3.Whey: If you are looking for cost-effective foods which will also meet your protein needs, whey is the best answer to your query. To provide strength and help muscle recovery, whey helps a lot.

4.Lentils: A cup of lentils can provide 18 grams of protein which is similar to three eggs. So, a vegetarian diet must include lentils. Studies have shown that it has the ability of speeding weight loss. If you are looking for healthy protein foods to have every day, have lentil soups.

5.Greek Yogurt: A low calorie diet can’t be imagined without yogurt. And this European version is much more effective for your health as it is a good source of protein. It gives you 20 grams of protein when the same amount of plain, low-fat yogurt can give 11 grams.

6.Peanut Butter: Consider this as one of the healthy protein foods to have every day. Peanut is the richest source of plant protein and if you are looking for economical ways to have protein supplements for your body, use it as a bread spread.

7.Chicken: Now, this is one of the easiest sources of lean protein. A 3 oz. chicken breast can provide 26 grams of protein which is more than half of the amount you are permitted to have every day. This is definitely a good source of healthy protein food to have every day.

These are the healthy protein rich foods to have everyday.