Know These Healthy Things You Can Make From Spoiled Milk

Raw milk is good for you to consume, were you aware of that? Yes, the next time milk gets spoiled and curdled up don't discard it as you can use it in a lot of ways.Raw milk is loaded with enzymes and probiotics and when the milk starts to get sour it only means that the beneficial bacteria called probiotics have started to use up the lactose or milk sugar. When the milk sugar gets rotten the milk no longer tastes sweet.According to experts, raw milk is safe to drink and is even more beneficial to health as the higher level of probiotics have initiated the fermentation or clabbering of the milk.Here are some healthy things you can amke from spoiled milk.

1.Scrambled Eggs: Eggs should be a part of your daily diet. It contains a high amount of protein and healthy carbs. When you add sour milk to scrambled eggs it tends to get more fluffy and guess what, your adding more protein and calcium to your meal.

2.Smoothie: Smoothies are a delight when it is rich and thick in texture. The next time you prepare a smoothie, instead of adding ice cream add sour milk. This will benefit your body in terms of good bacteria.

3.Turn It To Yoghurt: Homemade yoghurt is much better and healthier when compared to the yoghurt sold in the market. Prepare curd made with sour milk, it will boost the calcium value.

4.Add It Homemade Soups: If you want your homemade soup to be thicker in texture, healthier in taste and rich the best thing you can add to the soup is spoiled milk. It will not only enhance the taste but also improve the quality of the soup.

5.Convert It To Buttermilk: Never discard of spoiled milk as you can add to it to a glass of curd to prepare butter milk. Churn it well to treat yourself to a healthy drink which helps to boost immunity.

6.Add It To Make Paneer: The main ingredient in cottage cheese or paneer is milk that's gone bad. This is one of the things you can make from spoiled milk.

7.Bake Something Out Of It: The next time you bake a cake and you run out of fresh milk, don't hesitate to use spoiled milk as it causes no harm to the meal.

These are the healthy things you can make from spoiled milk.