Know These Milk Free Sources Of Calcium

It is common sense that we turn to all dairy products to provide our body with natural calcium. Milk, cheese, butter, paneer are some of the dairy ingredients which are a rich source in calcium. These foods are however high in calories which thus makes us not want to consume it.According to sources, there are calcium rich foods that are non dairy which are even better than milk itself. It is important to consume these calcium rich foods as they provide better health to our bones and teeth.Kids who refrain from drinking milk and other sources related to dairy can try out these other forms of calcium foods. Studies have also proven that foods like sardines, kale, Broccoli, okra have a higher and richer form of calcium.Here are some milk free sources of calcium to know.

1.Kale: Make it a habit to add kale to your daily diet. This milk free source of calcium should be enjoyed twice in a week in a portion of one and a half cup.

2.Broccoli: Rich in vitamin K, broccoli is also rich in calcium. However, you will need around 8 cups of broccoli to be sufficient for your oral and bone health.

3.Sardines: Canned food is not healthy. But, once in a blue moon you can enjoy a serving of sardines which is said to be a milk free source of calcium. Sardines is the only fish which contains a good amount of calcium.

4.Collard Greens: Chopped collard greens eaten as a salad will provide one with 300 mg of calcium in one serving. Serve your salad topped with sesame seeds.

5.Okra: One serving of okra is equivalent to 40 gms of calcium. This amount is sufficient to make your teeth healthy, if consumed twice in the week.

6.Figs: Dry figs too have a rich source of calcium and is one of the best calcium rich foods that are non dairy.

7.Oranges: Citrus fruits too contain calcium along with vitamin C. This calcium rich food that is non dairy should be consumed twice in the week to keep your immunity up and diseases away.

8.Almonds: Almond milk, soaked almonds and dry almonds all contain a high amount of calcium along with other minerals. Almonds are a better calcium rich food.

9.Sesame Seeds: Chew on 4 tablespoons of seasame seeds to get the required calcium needed on daily basis. Sprinkle these seeds on your dessert or add them to your salad.

10.Soymilk: Soymilk... not everyone can stomach this rich milk. Since it is non dairy it is advisable to drink at least 4 tablespoons of soy milk a week for good bones and teeth.

These are the milk free sources of calcium.