Know These Unusual Cancer Myths That You Must Never Believe

As most of us may know by now, cancer is one of the most dangerous, brutal diseases known to mankind that still continues to claim thousands of lives every year! Cancer is a condition in which the cancerous cells multiply at an abnormal rate in the body, causing tumours that can lead to tissue and organ damage. This deadly disorder can affect people of any age and gender, and in many cases, it can be fatal or can also cause permanent organ damage. Cancer is on the rise, especially these days, where there is a lot of pollution in the environment and many people tend to lead unhealthy lifestyles. Some of the main causes for cancer are, smoking cigarettes, exposure to certain chemicals and unhealthy diet can cause cancer; however, there are many other causes for cancer that most of us might not be aware of. Just like with any other disease, even cancer is surrounded by a number of myths and facts.

1.Many people feel like cancer is a "fight" which has to be "won" with determination, however, cancer is a disease which is out of the patient's control most of the time!

2.Many people believe that there is nothing one can do to prevent cancer, however, leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding vices can definitely help prevent cancer.

3.Contrary to the belief that certain superfoods can help cure cancer, these foods may just help control the symptoms but cannot completely cure cancer.

4.It is widely believed that cancer is hereditary, however, even if many of your family members have suffered from cancer, there are huge chances of you not being afflicted by the disease.

5.Contrary to the myth that cancer is synonymous to death, a lot of medical advancements have been happening and many types of cancers are completely curable.

6.Many people believe that green tea can treat cancer, however, although green tea is healthy, no research study has concrete proof that green tea can actually treat cancer.

7.There is another major belief which says that only people with fair skin are more prone to skin cancer, however, people with any skin colour can be be afflicted by skin cancer, equally.

These are the unusual cancer myths that you must be aware of.