Know This Remedy That Clears Your Ear And Enhances Your Hearing Ability

There are so many reasons behind auditory issues (hearing abilities). But in some cases, clearing the ear (a home remedy) can solve the problem.In some cases, some people can enhance their hearing ability a lot better especially when the ears are blocked.This remedy uses garlic and olive oil. But wait! Consult your doctor before you try such a home remedy. Also, never try this remedy if you have any internal injury in your ear or certain other conditions like ear infections, mastoid cavity or any other ear problem.

Ingredients: You will need: 4 cloves of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and an ear dropper.

Steps to prepare: Wash the garlic well and then mince it. Add the garlic to a glass jar and pour the olive oil in it.Close the jar with a lid and leave it in an open space in your kitchen but see that the place is not exposed to sunlight.After 2 days, open the jar and strain the oil. Add 2 drops to your ear and place a small piece of cotton on the ear to let the oil stay there. Lie down for a few minutes.Do this for 5 days and stop. If your ears still feel clogged, consult a doctor. If your ears experience itching sensation or pain or any other reaction, stop the remedy immediately and consult a doctor.Don't try to clean your ear using a bud, pencil, stick or any other object as it can cause damage to your ear. Simply wipe your ear with a cloth after the wax comes out.