Lesser-known Health Benefits & Uses Of Parijat

Health Benefits Of Parijat 

1. Reduces inflammation 

The leaves of the plant are used to make parijat essential oil which can help reduce inflammation. Possessing antiinflammatory properties, parijat leaves are steamed for making the oil, which when applied to the affected area will bring down the inflammation.

2. Treats fever 

Parijat leaves are effective in the treatment of nauseous fevers. It has been specifically used for treating malaria and dengue in Ayurvedic medicine. A natural remedy for fevers, parijat leaves are known for its antipyretic property, which helps in reducing fever.

3. Manages arthritis 

The antirheumatic properties possessed by the leaves make them beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. Parijat tree leaves benefit any individual with arthritis, that is, not only the elderly but also the young adults

4. Prevents oxidative damage 

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis leaves are beneficial for preventing the onset of radical damages and deficiencies in your body. Being high in antioxidants, the leaves can help manage radical deficiencies.

5. Soothes cough 

The ethanol compound found in parijat flowers and leaves is beneficial in relieving cough. The ethanol compound in the leaves act as an excellent bronchodilator and help dilate the throat muscles. Due to this property, some studies have linked it with asthma, preferring it to be a natural remedy for asthma.

6. Relieves constipation 

Night-flowering jasmine leaves are used as a laxative as it helps in stimulating bowel movement. By accelerating the intestinal transit, the minerals present in the Nyctanthes arbor-tristis leaves help to regulate the digestive system, thereby, aiding you to overcome constipation

7. Improves immunity 

Parijat flowers and especially leaves possess immunostimulatory effect due to the presence of ethanol compounds. The ethanol compounds help improve immunity levels by stimulating both humoral and cell-mediated antibodies

8. Manages diabetes 

One of the major of parijat leaves health benefits is their plausible role in managing diabetes. Extracts from the leaves have been known to reduce the high blood sugar levels

Uses Of Parijat 

Used for face packs as a remedy to various skin ailments

Parijat flowers are used as a source of yellow dye for clothes 

Dried flowers and fried new leaves are used in Assamese 

Parijat flower oil is used as a perfume 

The flowers are used for making incense sticks 

Parijat leaves are used in case of snake poisoning 

Parijat seeds are used for alopecia and dandruff 

The leaves are sued for getting rid of lice 

The leaves are used as a soothing agent