Nutritional Health Benefits Of Loquat

Health Benefits Of Loquat

Loquat is not only refreshing and delicious but is also packed with many health benefits.

1. Manages diabetes: 

Loquat helps in releasing the body's natural chemicals called polysaccharides that improve the production of insulin and help manage diabetes. It also supports the pancreas and prevents hyperlipidaemia 

2. Helps in cancer therapies: 

Loquat has cytokine immune modulation capabilities which are beneficial in cancer therapies

3. Controls blood pressure

Potassium present in loquat acts as a vasodilator for the heart. It reduces the pressure on the blood vessels and arteries and soothes them. Loquat is very effective in protecting the heart's health by improving the blood flow across the body

4. Improves intestinal health: 

Loquat is rich in dietary fibre. Consuming loquat fruit bulks up the stool and improves the bowel movement 

5. Soothes respiratory system: 

Loquat helps in soothing the respiratory system by removing phlegm caused during cough and cold. Loquat leaves shorten the recovery time and help cure all kind of respiratory illnesses.

6. Protects the brain cells:

The antioxidant property of loquat helps in improving the memory and other neurological problems. It helps combat the free radicals and protects the brain cells from their ill effects.

7. Helps in weight management: 

Loquats are low in cholesterol and high in dietary fibre. The high fibre content in loquat helps to give a feeling of satiety and thus, keeps weight in control

8. Boosts immunity: 

The vitamin C present in this yellow fruit helps in the production of white blood cells, a defence against pathogens and illnesses. Vitamin C also helps in the production of collagen that repairs the old tissues and promotes the growth of new cells

9. May help against HIV: 

Loquat leaves are believed to have anti-HIV effects. The 2-alpha-hydroxy ursolic acid (one of the nine bioactive triterpenes) present in the leaves of loquat has a mild restrictive effect on HIV. 

10. Strengthens Bones:

Consumption of loquat helps in strengthening the bones and preventing the loss of bone density caused due to ageing and medications used to treat asthma, breast cancer, etc. The vitamins and minerals in the fruit help in making bones strong