Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic Food

1.It is healthy and safe

Since organic food cultivation does not include chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic food does not contain any harmful chemicals. As a result, it is healthier and safer. On the contrary, studies reveal, conventional cultivation methods use herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, which affect our body in many negative ways.

2.It is tastier

Organic food comes straight from farms where organic seeds are cultivated in healthy soil. Since, there is no use of chemicals; the original taste of the produce is retained. To add to this, organic food contains vital minerals and vitamins that enhance its flavor. As a result, organic food is high on taste as compared to conventionally produced food.

3.It contains more nutrients

Studies reveal that as compared to non-organic food, organic produce contains 10-200% more minerals and vitamins! It comprises of almost 60% more antioxidants and fatty acids that are beneficial to the body. Organic food is high on essential minerals like iron and zinc. In short, organic food is full of nutrients that keep you healthy.

4.It promotes weight loss

Conventionally produced food is cultivated with synthetic inputs that increase the chances of chemical residue. Most of the times, chemical residues accumulate in the body fat, causing weight gain. Organic food, on the other hand, makes no use of chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides. As a result, you have no risk of chemical residue. Plus, the nutrients present in organic food, reduces your chances of gaining weight. In other words, consuming organic food facilitates weight loss

5.It is eco-friendly

Organic farming rejects the use of chemicals which facilitate soil erosion. In other words, organic farming not only reduces soil erosion but also preserves the quality of soil. It does not require as much as energy and water as required by a conventional farm. Thus, it reduces water and soil pollution. Organic farming does not emit harmful chemicals in the air, which means it also decreases air pollution.