Scientifically Proven Foods That Slow Down Ageing

Although we all realise that the process of ageing is inevitable and natural, as humans, we tend to feel that being young and energetic is far better than growing old and becoming weaker.It is quite natural to feel that way because as we grow older, we may be prone to certain ailments, we may get weaker naturally and we may not be as energetic and lively as we were during our younger days.Also, ageing means developing wrinkles, lines on the skin, sagging skin, grey hair, etc., which could deteriorate our appearance. So, in order to prolong the ageing process of the cells for as long as possible, we need to provide good nourishment to our cells, so that their renewal capacity remains strong.Here are some scientifically proven foods that slow down ageing.

Scientifically proven foods that slow down ageing are:

1.Blueberries: Blueberry is an anti-ageing fruit that has the ability to boost the cell renewal capacity by nourishing the cells with the help of its rich antioxidant and vitamin content.

2.Pistachios: As pistachios are rich in vitamin E, they stimulate the production of new, healthy cells in the body, thus slowing down the process of cell ageing.

3.Salmon: Another anti-ageing food is salmon, as it contains omega-3 fatty acids that aid cell renewal to a large extent. Salmon is particularly good for the eyes and skin.

4.Whey Protein: Foods that slow down ageing include whey protein. Normally consumed for muscle-growth, whey prevents age-related muscle loss, thus keeping you fit and toned for a long time.

5.Yoghurt: Yoghurt is yet another anti-ageing food, as it increases the production of healthy bacteria in your body, thus improving your immunity. A healthy immune system means, a slower ageing process.

6.Oats: As oats are fibre rich and low in calories, they aid in weight loss effectively. Weight gain can make you look older than you are and also affect your skin, so consuming oats can help you look younger and much more fitter.

7.Red Wine: Packed with a high concentration of healthy antioxidants, red wine is known to slow down cell ageing, especially cells of the brain, heart and skin.

These are the scientifically proven foods that slow down ageing.