Signs You Are Getting Your Period


1. Swelling of belly

Three to four days prior to when menstruation is about to begin, you will notice slight swelling in the area of your lower abdomen, along with weight gain to as much as 1-4 pounds! Do not panic, it’s just a temporary phase like the bleeding during periods. The swelling and extra pounds go away just as they had come in 3-4 days time. Water retention in body occurs before the menstrual cycle is about to begin, causing the body to swell a little, thus making you feel as if you are bloating.

2. Physical problems

Cramps in the lower abdomen, backaches, sluggish bowel movements or diarrhea, pain in the breast are few common problems faced during or before menstruation. The contributing factor to this is believed to be a chemical called prostaglandin released by our bodies, which helps push the menstrual blood out of our system. In some cases, it is accompanied by excess gastric formation, acidity and nausea as well, but these are curable. Prescribed medicines can go a long way in curing them.

3. Mood swings 

This one sign of girl’s mood-swings when her periods are nearby will be agreed upon even by most guys. The irritation level goes up, along with irrational mood swings and in some cases accompanied by unreasonable hunger pangs too.

4. Break-outs

After the above mentioned PMS, you would wonder what else could really worsen the situation before periods?! But sadly occurrence of zits, acne, blackheads and break-outs are few common problems faced by women of almost all ages before or during their period. This occurs due to changes in hormone concentrations in the body when periods are about to occur.