Things That Causes Bloating

Bloating is a problem that is suffered by most of us. It is just a 'heavy' feeling that accompanies after eating certain types of foods.When your abdominal gas causes discomfort, you feel bloated. Sometimes, even if you haven't eaten a heavy meal, you might suffer bloating due to other reasons.What causes bloating? When you try to eat faster or when you overeat, bloating is possible. When gas builds up in your digestive system, you tend to feel bloated.Though it isn't so serious, you would feel very uncomfortable when your stomach is heavy. Therefore, bloating and gas are seen as digestive issues that are to be handled well.The gas build-up in your digestive system is nothing but the air you have swallowed and this also can cause you bloated feeling.Also, the gas build-up can also be due to the bacteria that aids the digestive process. Other habits like chewing a gum and using a straw to suck liquids can also fill air in your stomach and cause bloating.Here are some things that causes bloating.

1.Fatty Foods: Certain fatty food may also make you feel bloated. The reason behind this is simple: they take a lot of time to move out of your digestive system.

2.Lentils: A study suggests that the fibre that is present in lentils is the main reason for the bloated feeling when consumed in large quantities. But remember the fact that legumes are healthy. So, consume them but in smaller quantities.

3.Leafy Greens: It is a fact that leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, broccoli and kale are healthy; but they contain lots of fibre which is said to cause bloating. Eat them wisely in healthy quantities.

4.Whole Grains: Though whole grains are healthy, the starch and the fibre content in them may make you feel heavy and bloated. Consume them in healthy quantities.

5.Sodas: All carbonated liquids do make you feel bloated. This may be because of the carbon dioxide present in them.

6.Sweetened Foods: Some types of sugars like xylitol and sorbitol tend to make you feel bloated as they can't be easily digested by your digestive system.

7.Dairy: Those who suffer from lactose intolerance may undergo bloating when they consume dairy. Consult a doctor if you feel too bloated after a glass of milk.

These are the things that causes bloating.