Things to do before sleeping


It doesn’t need to be a big investment; simple solutions work. The idea is to treat your skin to good ol’ TLC before you sleep, as that’s the time the body’s repair process kicks in. Singh’s personal nighttime routine includes removing make-up with cleansing milk or moisturiser and then applying a night cream fit-to-age. Being in her 30s, she uses a vitamin A or retinol-based cream/serum. “It’s for everyone – but every age has different needs and requires different kind of night creams


- If you don’t have cleansing milk, use a non-comedogenic moisturiser

- Night cream depends on age and skin type, moisturiser is for all ages

- Above 30 Use moisturising creams.

-Above 40-50 Use hyaluronic acid

- Vitamin C serum is ideal for those in their early 30s; for 30-40, vitamin A is good; for over 40, add retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides