Tips for Apple Shaped Women

We all have different body types and different personalities to live with. Moreover, the world would be such a boring place if all humans looked the same. It’s best to accept the kind of body you have, and attempt towards dressing in a way that your body type works to your advantage. For apple shaped women, this is not a very difficult job, even though they are the ones who are most conscious about their body structure. Here are a few tips to ensure that you look fashionable and trendy, even with your apple-shaped body.

1.Choose the right lingerie

One of the mistakes apple-shaped women tend to make is their wrong choice of lingerie. They are already very busty to start with, and choosing bad lingerie that doesn’t add structure to their bust can spoil the look of any outfit, and can make them look rounder. It’s important to ensure that the inner layer of clothing is selected carefully. Ideally, opt for push-up bras, so that it’s easier to start defining your heavy waist or mid riff.

2.Define the waist

The biggest problem with apple-shaped women is that their waist is undefined. It can be defined to get a leaner look, with the help of statement belts and smart choice of bottoms. Tops with horizontal prints should be avoided, because they will make the waist look even more bulky.

3.Choose your tops smartly

Make sure that whatever tops you get can fall nicely on your mid-riff. In other words, they should nip right below your bust. Opt for tunic tops or other long tops that will come down to the middle of your hips, and will make your torso look a little longer.

4.Flaunt the legs

If your body structure is such that you have great legs, you should flaunt off that asset by selecting the right length for your dresses. Choose skirts or dresses that can fall in a structured fashion on the lower body, revealing the legs from below the knees.

5.Get some jackets

Nice, well-fitted and structured jackets are wonderful for emphasizing the arms and shoulders. They take away the attention from the bigger waistline and bust, and make the body look leaner and more balanced. Plus, jackets are really trendy, so they add to one’s style and personality as well.

6.Get good bottoms

Choosing low waist jeans or pants is not the right look for you and may even give you a‘muffin top. Instead, opt for pants or bottoms that hold your tummy properly. When wearing dresses or skirts, you can use tummy tuckers to help your body look toned.