Ways an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

1.By helping to clean the digestive system

The ample amount of fibrous content in apples can help clean up the digestive system, preventing it from problems like diarrhea and constipation. This very reason also can prevent your body from forming gall stones. The fiber is useful in two ways. It removes the excess liquid from the colon, the tract that moves the digested food, and it also absorbs the unneeded water from the stool.

2.By decreasing cholesterol levels

Apples are great for keeping cholesterol levels under control. The soluble fiber of the apple soaks in water from the body and forms a gel like substance that binds with cholesterol and lets it out in the form of feces, which would have otherwise been absorbed by the body.

3.By lowering the risk of cancer

The skin of apples is abundant in phytonutrients like quercetin, triterpenoids, rubin and other flavanoids and antioxidants. Phytonutrients are known to prevent cell damage, cancer cell replication and therefore can lower the risk of cancer.

4.By maintaining strong teeth

Chewing on an apple diminishes the bacteria level in the mouth, keeping your teeth from decaying and promoting healthy gums.

5.By maintaining a healthy heart

The soluble fiber present in apples is responsible for slow cholesterol build up in the arteries, therefore preventing them from getting blocked and supplying an even blood flow to the heart.

6. By aiding in weight loss

Apples come in handy during weight loss as their fiber-rich content fills you up in a healthy way, without the intake of too many calories.

7.By aiding in detoxification

It is a known fact that fruits help in cleansing the body of all its toxins consumed in the form of unhealthy food and drinks. Apples are also a great way to ridding your liver of toxic substances.