Ways That Smiling And Laughing Positively Impact Your Health

Apart from making us feel better, it also offers us with some surprising health benefits. During times of increased stress and anxiety due to work pressure, relationships or a fast-paced lifestyle, we tend to neglect our personal time. This is necessary for our mind and body to recharge.If you don't give some 'me time' to yourself, then you'll become even more stressed, tired and unhappy and this cycle continues for weeks. This post will let you know how smiling is good for your health.The best part is, there are two simple ways to overcome the stress of your life - smiling and laughing. These are considered to be two powerful ways to remain balanced in life. These two actions are known to relieve stress, fear, pain and conflict. It is believed that smiling and laughing support our physical, mental and social health.Here are some ways that smiling and laughing impact your health.

Ways that smiling and laughing positively impact your health are:

1.These Help Release Feel-Good Chemicals: When we smile, the feel-good chemicals of the brain, serotonin and endorphins, are released. These chemicals make us happy and therefore reduce pain.

2.They Relax The Body: A good laughter can help relieve the built-up body tension and stress. When we laugh, the muscles that we make use of relax as well and remain that way for the next 30-45 minutes.

3.They Reduce Stress: When endorphines are released in the brain, stress hormones like cortisol are reduced. We can lower the cortisol levels by laughing and relaxing. This is one of the top health benefits of smiling and laughing.

4.They Support Lung Health: When we laugh, our lungs tend to expand and get filled with oxygen. Deep laughter sends more oxygen-rich nutrients and blood throughout the body.

5.Supports Heart Health: Laughing on a regular basis lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow and also increases the function of blood vessels. This averts heart attack and other cardiovascular disease risks. This will let you know how laughter helps your health.

6.Promotes A Healthy Immune System: Laughter is a good way to increase the 'feel good hormones'. Due to these changes in the chemicals, the immune system increases the white blood cells count and also the infection-fighting antibodies in the body.

7.They Serve As Exercise: A good laugh is also a good exercise. It burns calories, provides our body with movement, increases conditioning and toning and also keeps our cardio system working.

8.Affects Our Mental Health: Smiling and laughing not only affect our physical health but also support our mental health. When emotions like anger, sadness or fear are present, laughter can alleviate that emotional distress.

9.Laughter Exercise: This is a technique that promotes laughter through exercise. This technique is based on the concept that there is a link between the body and the brain and how laughter can enhance that link.

These are the ways that smiling and laughing impacts your health.